For 2022, KC Disposal had to raise our trash rates by about $50 annually due to ongoing increases in their operating costs. This fee increase will be reflected in your upcoming dues statement. As a concession for this price increase, we were able to negotiate a monthly special bulky item pickup.  Effective immediately, every homeowner using the HOA-provided trash service can place ONE bulky item out with their regular trash on the LAST trash pickup day of each month.  A few points to emphasize:

  • Only ONE bulky item per month is allowed for this pickup.
  • Bulky items will only be picked up on the LAST trash pickup day of each month.
  • Your bulky item must be allowable per the Acceptable Bulk Items list that KC Disposal has provided. Items that do not qualify per this list will not be removed.
  • If you have chosen to contract directly for your own trash service (not the HOA contract), you will not receive this service.
  • This service is IN ADDITION TO the traditional Shawnee Tidy Town annual bulky-item pickup/drop-off service. You can still also take advantage of that service.

If you have problems with this service, please contact KC Disposal directly to resolve the problem with them.