All Owners of lots in the Forest Park Estates subdivision are subject to the terms of the Homes Association Declaration of Restrictions on file in the office of the Johnson County Register of Deeds. Every owner is a Member of the Association and eligible to exercise their rights of membership subject to the payment of annual assessments levied by the Association in accordance with its Bylaws.
Everyone who owns a lot in Forest Park Estates agrees, at the time of purchase, to observe and conform to the Declaration of Restrictions. The purpose of these restrictions is to protect you and your fellow Association Members so that your investment will increase in value and ensure that our area will not decline because of poor planning.

NOTE: As of October 13, 2008 all Plat versions of FPE deed restrictions have been unified. All Plats (1-7) now refer to the declarations per the Plat 7 Declaration of Restrictions with revisions per the unifying "Addendum Agreement".  As of June 30, 2022, the FPE deed restrictions have been further modified  with "Addendum Agreement #2" to prevent homes, or any part of homes, from being leased, rented, or licensed for use by non-owners. Follows are copies of the three documents which make up the FPE Declaration of Restrictions:

Plat 7 Declaration of Restrictions

Addendum Agreement

Addendum Agreement #2


While they are no longer legally applicable, below are the original deed restrictions for Plats 1-6. You can determine the Plat for your home by referring to the legal description of your property or locating in on the original Plat drawings.

Plats 1 and 2 Declaration of Restrictions

Plat 3 Declaration of Restrictions

Plats 4 and 5 Declaration of Restrictions

Plat 6 Declaration of Restrictions



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