Use this as a quick read resource for rules and regulations that apply to our neighborhood. These rules are reviewed on a regular basis by our Board of Directors based on resident input in an effort to make Forest Park a great place to live.

Do use the Architectural Committee form to request approval of:
   New Swimming pool construction
   Roof replacements
   Exterior painting or siding
   Basketball goal installation (backboards must be transparent)
   Arbors, decks and patios
   Room or home additions
Architectural Modification Forms are available on this website.

Don't install a chain link fence. All fencing shall be made of cedar wood, wrought iron or aluminum equivalent. All fencing shall be no more than 6 feet in height.

Don't install chain link animal pens or runs.

Don't install tanks for storage of fuel or other fluids on any portion of your property above or below ground

Don't install exterior clotheslines or poles anywhere on your property.

Don't install radio or television aerial wire, antennas or antenna towers.

Don't install satellite dishes in excess of 18" in diameter. The Architectural Committee shall have the right to impose and enforce requirements concerning location, height and screening as a condition to installation or maintenance of such satellite dish.

Don't install freestanding storage, workshop or garage buildings on your property.

Do only replace driveways with concrete, not asphalt or crushed rock.

Do only install roof materials/products in accordance with the specifications of the Declaration of Restrictions. Have all new and replacement roofs approved by the Architectural Committee before installation.

Do have the Architectural Committee approve the exterior paint colors or your home before your home is painted. Earth tones or neutral color palates are preferred. No pastel or checkerboard type scenarios will be accepted.
Please contact the architectural committee with any questions.


Do pick up after yourself and your family when using the swimming pool, tennis court and park areas. Your fellow neighbors on a volunteer basis maintain these areas. Help keep the recreational areas neat and orderly.

Do post a notice at the pool if you are planning to use the picnic area (M-Th only) for a small social function, a little league team picnic or a family gathering. The area is always open to all residents and can't be reserved for private functions. You are responsible for cleaning up and taking all trash with you. There is no storage at the pool house for extra trash/debris. generated by group functions.

Don't eat food in the pool area as it is prohibited by the Health Department. Use picnic tables adjacent to the pool area.

Don't bring glass of any kind of into the pool area. Broken glass will result in closing, draining and refilling the pool at the guilty party's expense.

Don't keep more than three dogs, three cats or three other household pets at your home as it is a violation of Shawnee City Code.

Do clean up after your pet. Be considerate of your neighbor's property, as well as the parks and common areas that everyone shares.

Don't allow livestock, poultry or other non-domestic animals on your lot.

Do keep your yard and trees trimmed and free of trash and debris.

Don't conduct noxious or offensive trade that may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

Don't park cars, buses, boats, RV's, semi trucks, campers, tractors, trucks, trailers or any other vehicles that are not in operating condition or whose presence might create an unsightly appearance, nuisance or be hazardous to be parked in the street or driveway.

Don't install vehicles or campers in the street for more than a 24-hour period.