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Spring is nearly here and Home owners are starting exterior Home improvements

Be aware that Architecture Modification Forms are required for any exterior home changes, replacements, or improvements.

All residences Must fill out and have this form approved by the Architectural Committee before the start of any construction. The downloadable form is posted on FPEHOA.com and is found under Essentials use this form for:

.....Roof Replacements

(The FPE Roofing List and Requirements) can be downloaded from FPEHOA.com and can be found under Essentials.

.....Any Exterior painting or siding .....Room or Home additions

.....Driveways  …Walkways  .....Decks  .....Patios

…Swimming pool construction (Above ground pools are not allowed)

…Basketball goal installation (backboards must be transparent)

…Exterior walls  .....Arbors  .....Fences NO chain link fencing allowed.

…All fencing shall be made of cedar, wrought iron or aluminum equivalent.

…All fencing shall be no more than 6 feet in height.

…All fences New or Replacements require approval.

See Deed of Restrictions for a more inclusive list.

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