The speed limit in our neighborhood is no more than 20 miles per hour on most streets. Complaints have been received throughout the year regarding excessive speeding. Please slow down and be careful as we have more than 150 children living and playing in our neighborhood.

As a courtesy, please do not park vehicles in the street overnight or for long periods of time. Please use your driveway. When you or your guests park a car on an inclined street, please remember to set the emergency brake (or leave the car in gear if it is a manual transmission), and turn wheels into or away from the curb (whether downhill or uphill) to avoid another runaway car. We’ve had two incidents in the neighborhood and want to avoid any more. Thankfully no injuries or damage to properties (other than street lights) have resulted.

Be sure to notify the Architectural Committee Chairperson of any exterior changes to your home (paint color, roofing, any additions or changes to the exterior of your home) and complete an architectural modification request form. To allow adequate review time (per the regulations up to 45 days) we ask that you contact the Architectural Committee Chairperson with your request PRIOR TO committing to services, purchasing materials, and starting work.  This will allow you to understand the review process and will greatly reduce your risk in the event that your request is not approved or is approved with exceptions/modifications.  Project inspirations may occur overnight but project plans don't, so please don't forget about this important step in your planning process.


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